Code Romantic is a computer science puzzle game wrapped in a science fiction love story.

Discover a world where sentient machines can't be stopped with weapons, only with humanity's best programmers. Join the Human Defense Department's last ditch effort to save the world: by teaching the brightest students in the nation how to hack and scramble the brains of the enemy. Follow the journey of Mina Lovelace as she seeks to prove herself worthy of following in her mother's footsteps, and tries not to embarrass herself in front of her childhood crush in the process! If you enjoy visual novels, problem solving, political intrigue and love stories, you'll love Code Romantic! Currently in Production.


  • Puzzles using real code and concepts from computer science courses, no prior experience necessary!
  • Over 100,000 words of dialogue as you join Mina and her classmates in their everyday training!
  • Beautiful, animated, watercolor artwork!
  • Original soundtrack!

Code Romantic Preview Build Being Released Now on!

While the game is in production, we'll be releasing some preview chapters for free. When all the chapters are complete, we'll be polishing up the game with additional education and gameplay features and switching it to a paid model. So download early to get your feedback in!

Coming Soon to Steam!

Content Notes

In general, Code Romantic is comparable to young adult properties such as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Twilight.  Further details about several topics are listed below.

Violence: No graphic violence or gore appears in this game. However, themes of death and grief are an important part of the storyline. Characters must cope with the reality of war, and that includes losing friends and fearing for their own lives.

Romance: The characters involved in romantic relationships are in their early twenties and consent to their interactions. Some suggestive language and actions appear as the characters become more intimate, yet no actual portrayals of sexual acts occur.

Drugs/Alcohol: Little to no mention of these concepts occur.

Language: Some profanity occurs during heated arguments and life threatening situations.

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Privacy and Permissions

Code Romantic uses a connection to the internet in order to deliver anonymous telemetry data. We use this data to make the puzzles better. There are elements of Code Romantic that are used to track its potential effectiveness as an educational tool; no identifiable information of our users is collected or saved. There are no advertisements in Code Romantic.