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Top Dog: Showtime

This is a 3D local multiplayer game where players roll a dice and travel around a board while trying to collect all the elements needed to put on a stage show. Each space plays a custom story event, and the final scene is dependent on how well the players were able to collect the 4 show elements.

I created this game in Unity, and released it on Google Play and the Amazon Store.


Lost Footage

This is a 3D horror game that takes place in a forest filled with supernatural phenomenon. The game is based on the found footage horror genre, and requires the player to walk around with their camera and capture photos and videos of paranormal activity to hand in at the Institute, which will pay them for their efforts.

Every night (in real world time), the monsters and paranormal events in the forest are randomized so you never know what to expect. Even the terrain itself can rearrange into new paths and clearings. A server is used to ensure all players experience the same custom configuration each night.

I did all the development work for this including the camera recording system, cache boxes that could be opened and the objects inside inspected and rotated, a cell phone menu system, AI and pathing for monsters and animations that trigger for various paranormal events.

(Full version not yet released)

Fog and logo short square.gif

Fantom Feast

This is a 2D arcade game created in Unity where the player controls a ghost that has to eat enemies smaller than itself to grow as large as possible. The game also features power-ups and multiple worlds that introduce new hazards such as lasers, wind storms, rain fall, blizzards, and darkness.

This game is currently being developed and can be found on Steam here.

Mythari Title.gif

Mythari Park

Mythari Park lets you enter a mythical safari theme park and experience the wonders of their main attraction, the Chimera!

This classic MUD uses text based commands to let you explore the world and role play with others. You can play in any web browser (mobile included) or use a Telnet/MUD Client to connect.

I wrote this game in python and built it on top of the Evennia game engine. It was a submission for a 1 month game jam contest, and won 1st place overall as well as 1st place in the creativity, story, and codebase categories.

I am no longer hosting the game myself, but it can still be found on Itch.io and the code is available on github.


Additional Games

  • Top Dog: Lucky’s Charm: A 2D adventure game for Android

  • Top Dog: Tic Tac Toe: Classic Tic Tac Toe game featuring the Top Dog characters

  • Shark Bait: A puzzle game for Android where the player arranges tiles so a shark character can swim and collect all the fish

  • Serpentio: An online multiplayer game where players form teams and controls snakes to grow as big as they can

  • Online Card Game Website: Implemented the logic necessary for 2 or 3 players to play the Yugioh card game with each other

  • Hue Am I: A 2D platformer created for the Global Game Jam, playable here.

Tools Programming


Player Path Tracking

For a 3D horror game that had players exploring a large haunted forest, I created a tool that would record player positions as they walked around, and then you could import that data into the Unity scene to visualize the paths they were taking. You could also see how fast they were walking or running with the data it provided.

Feedback system - icons in game cropped.jpg

Capturing feedback using PLAYER location data

For the Lost Footage project, I had to create a large forest level filled with varied terrain, plant life, and other features. Often times feedback would appear during a play session, and would pertain to the height of a certain bush that is blocking a view, or a piece of terrain that isn’t smooth enough for the player to walk over.

With this tool, you could log a feedback message in the pause menu and it would be saved. Then, that feedback file could be imported on a designers computer and it would place the player’s feedback in exactly the location they were standing when they noticed the issue (and show the orientation of the player’s camera).

Dialog XML tool.png


For Code Romantic, a visual novel that teaches C# programming, I provided several tools for the designer/author to help with creating the dialog, and working with the coding puzzles, event sequences, and word highlighting.

Most of the dialog was written in a program mean for creative writing, and so I created a script that was able to move thousands of lines of dialog into an XML format that we could easily work with in the Unity engine. The XML allowed us to start specifying character emotions/faces, and animations that were to trigger during the dialog as well.

Working with the XML file in Excel proved had several challenges, and so I also created a new tool that could display the XML and allow the author and designer to rearrange data, update text, and it would highlight specific events that formed logical breaks in the dialog for a chapter.


Loading Screen Tool - Unity Asset Store

Creating this loading screen tool provided 2 different uses for myself. First, it would help with all future games that required a loading screen, since I could quickly and easily create one by reusing the code I’d already written. And second, it gave me a chance to learn the publisher flow in the Unity Asset Store, their guidelines, and to provide this to anyone else out there with similar needs.

The goal was to create a simple loading screen that could still be customized by a user who didn’t want to open any scripts or see any code.

It can be viewed in the Unity Asset Store here: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/nanaimo-loader-83066


HungryGhost window speed boost closeup.gif

Creating a fill effect with sprites in unity

Written June 16th, 2018

Full article here: https://connect.unity.com/p/creating-a-fill-effect-with-sprites-in-unity


Unity editor tools - Create better games faster!

Written Nov 5th, 2018

Full article here: https://connect.unity.com/p/unity-editor-tools-create-better-games-faster