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Something is strange about the woods, and a local institute is offering cash for your footage...

Lost Footage is a survival horror game with a constantly changing environment and a variety of monsters each night.

Reward money is offered for footage of unexplainable activity in a national park. You'll have to explore and make it back to your car safely. Collect fragments from other seekers and the lost footage of those not so lucky. And be careful at night... 
This game runs in real time. If you play while it is day, you can collect lost footage and clue fragments. Every night, the forest will reinvent itself. If you want to find all the lost footage, you'll have to come back on multiple nights.

Privacy and Permissions

Lost Footage uses a connection to the internet in order to fetch daily game configuration data, and deliver anonymous telemetry data. We use this data to make the puzzles better. No identifiable information of our users is collected or saved. There are no advertisements in Lost Footage.