Nanaimo Labs

Introducing our new prototyping branch, Nanaimo Labs!  You'll start finding our game jam prototypes and game development tools located below. 

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Loading Screens Made Easy

NanaimoLoader allows you to easily create custom loading screens for your Unity game. Add to your game scene with a single click, then customize the behavior that works for you!

Features include:

  • Quick and easy loading between any scenes in your project
  • Smooth adjustment for when the loading time finishes suddenly
  • Choose the text you want to display and change font, size and placement
  • Change the background to whatever you want or set an image wallpaper
  • Easily set up a circular or fill style progress animation using only a couple of images

Hungry Ghost

Become the biggest ghost in town by eating your competition!


For support and other questions, contact nanaimolabs [at] gmail [dot] com