roam the ocean looking for tasty fish to eat, But remember, a shark can never stop moving!

Shark Bait is a sliding puzzle/action game. Your shark is always moving, and you must create a path for him to get to his prey! Swipe your finger up, left, down and right in order to move tiles around. You can move the tile your shark is on too, but be careful! Press the Go FAST button to speed up once you have a path (or to pull off tricky maneuvers).

As you win more, perhaps your shark will swim to more interesting oceans....



  • Procedurally generated sliding puzzles that go on forever!
  • Original artwork that fills in your ocean over time!
  • Global leaderboard and stats!


Privacy and Permissions

Shark Bait only asks for internet communications. We use this to sync your gameplay statistics to our global database.


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