Entry in Ludum Dare 2014 contest

We decided to try a different kind of game jam and informally joined Ludum Dare in 2014. The challenge was "Entire Game on One Screen" and we came up with a twist on Snake, a game mechanic we still feel nostalgic about today. We purposely didn't spend much time on this as an additional challenge, finishing it in about 6 hours. The main premise of using a string of letters to tell a story is something we might return to later, it's a fun narrative technique. And we deliberately left the ability to walk on top of yourself and no way to die... it made the game more about reading the letters than dying. Check out our game entry page here!

Made in Construct 2. 

Design and Implementation by Miko Charbonneau and Dale Lemieux. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod. 
Font by !Exclamachine.

Privacy and Permissions

Requires a web connection and a keyboard. Use arrow keys or WASD to move.

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