An All Ages Adventure where you get tO Make Friends at the Top Dog Day Care

"Top Dog: Lucky's Charm" is a light-hearted adventure game. Help Lucky, a homeless dog, make friends and find a new home at the Top Dog Day Care. Explore your environment by tapping interesting objects, talking to dogs and trainers, using items and doing tricks.

Top Dog: Lucky's Charm is very highly reviewed despite little advertising, with over 200 five star reviews on Android and many players clamoring for a sequel! Yes, we plan to do much more with the world of the Top Dog Day Care. Stay tuned...


  • Voice acting for each dog and trainer!
  • Beautiful watercolor characters and backgrounds!
  • Original sound effects and theme song!
  • Over 350+ lines of whimsical dialogue!
  • Game automatically saves your progress!
  • Multiple endings! Choose your future home!
  • Menu lets you mute and send us suggestions/feedback!
— Amazon Customer
Sequel! It was really cool, I would like to see a longer one next time Lucky comes around!
— Google Customer


Privacy and Permissions

Top Dog: Lucky's Charm uses a connection to the internet in order to deliver anonymous telemetry data and receive feedback from users. Some versions of the game also show advertisements on the bottom of the screen.


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